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If you love honest and free expression, you will love Khadijah Moon. Khadijah Moon is an eclectic and inspirational blend of soul, rock, spoken word, funk and jazz. She crafts artful stories through song with powerful lyrics and brilliant arrangements. With a three- octave vocal range, Khadijah Moon is inspired by lush musical landscapes that fuse musical flavors in creative ways. Khadijah Moon delivers a pleasurable aural experience that will hook and inspire you. Come closer, stay open and enjoy the sounds. Read More...

Khadijah Moon w/ Liberated Muse

Listen to Music Created During COVID-19 Quarantine

During COVID-19 quarantine, Ben and Khari Dawson joined together to form the Quarantine Social Club, combining their music talents to create the music for this tune written by Khadijah Moon who sings on the track.Now available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

The Quarantine Social Club is at it again, this time with writers Victoria Adams-Kennedy, Tracy Chiles McGhee, Cherrie Woods - Eclectic PR and Khadijah Ali-Coleman from the writer's group Zora's Den. During a writing challenge in the Zora's Den FB group, the writers offered random verse that Chez Soleil Music's Ben Beta composed and produced music for within 48 hrs., arranged and sung by Khadijah Moon. Introducing the house track, "You Are Here". Followo Chez Soleil Music on Facebook:

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